The jack up Seafox 2 will depart from Schiedam today (07-02-2024) to start operating for Shell on Barque PL platform offshore on the United Kingdoms Continental Shelf.

Seafox 2 will jack down into the water 11:00 this morning to depart from Mammoet Schiedam.

Assistance during the harbour manoeuvres is provided by the En Avant 25, Fairplay 1 and Walvis.

The 110 nautical mile transit on the river and from Hoek van Holland to the Barque PL platfom will be conducted by the Manta, Multratug 20 and En Avant 25.

The convoy is expected to be on the river 13:30 this afternoon where the seagoing spread will be connected.
Passage of the breakwaters at Hoek van Holland is expected around 17:00.

The transport is being conducted by Offshore Marine Contractors (OMC) in close cooperation with owners Seafox BV.

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