03-08-2023, Damen press release

Damen signs with UK Dredging for innovative Shoalbuster 2711 WID

Damen Shipyards Group has recently signed a contract with UK Dredging for the delivery of a Shoalbuster 2711 Water Injection Dredger (WID). Based on a proven design, the vessel nonetheless represents a unique and innovative approach to water injection dredging, enabling extreme efficiency and flexibility.

UK Dredging, part of Associated British Ports (ABP), operates Britain’s largest dredging fleet. Amongst its vessels are a number of Damen dredgers and workboats, including two Multi Cat Plough Vessels. The company’s scope is to undertake maintenance dredging in ABP’s ports. To do this, UK Dredging typically operates a number of hopper dredgers.

A smaller water injection dredger will enable the company to extend the intervals in between hopper dredging operations, thereby considerably increasing efficiency. Damen has adapted the proven, standard design of the Shoalbuster 2711 specifically for this project. This has included optimising the vessel’s hull to suit the role it will undertake. The vessel will also feature a highly efficient diesel-electric system that will facilitate a significant reduction in both fuel consumption and emissions.

In place of the usual submersible jets, the Shoalbuster 2711 WID will use a next generation, fully electric Damen E-DOP450 dredge pump. This, the largest in Damen’s dredge pump portfolio, has a 4,000m3/h capacity, ensuring optimal efficiency and low operational costs.

The vessel will also be equipped with an hydraulically operated A-frame. When not in the use, the A-frame will tilt, enabling the plough to be stored on the vessel’s aft.

Use of the E-DOP and A-frame contributes significantly to the vessel’s multi-functionality; when not in use, the plough including pump, can be dismounted and stored on the quayside, leaving the vessel free to undertake other operations.

Joppe Neijens, Damen Sales Manager Dredging, said of the contract, “We are very pleased to once more be working with UK Dredging. This innovative project demonstrates the versatility of the standardised shipbuilding approach; even though the vessel is built in series it can be adapted to meet the needs of the customer. The Shoalbuster 2711 WID is an extremely versatile vessel with an operating profile that goes way beyond its primary function. It’s also a very efficient vessel that offers a leap forward in terms of sustainability and cost-effectiveness in operation – a good concept for now and for the future.”

Mark Pearson General Manager, UK Dredging said: “The Contract Award of this Damen Shoalbuster 2711 WID is an important milestone for UK Dredging. The introduction of WID into our fleet will enable us to offer our clients a number of different dredging techniques optimised for the local conditions. The vessel’s highly efficient diesel-electric propulsion and power system will help to achieve a significant reduction in both fuel consumption and emissions that are important steps towards reducing UK Dredging’s carbon footprint.”

Damen Shipyards Group – Oceans of Possibilities

Damen Shipyards Group has been in operation for over ninety years and offers maritime solutions worldwide, through design, construction, conversion and repair of ships and ship components. By integrating systems we create innovative, high quality platforms, which provide our customers with maximum added value.

Our core values are fellowship, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and stewardship. Our goal is to become the world’s most sustainable shipbuilder, via digitalisation, standardisation and serial construction of our vessels. 

Damen operates 35 shipyards and 20 other companies in 20 countries, supported by a worldwide sales and service network. Damen Shipyards Group offers direct employment to more than 12,000 people.


On the first image from left to right:

Mark Pearson (General Manager, UK Dredging), Mike McCartain OBE (Group Director of Safety, Marine & Engineering, Associated British Ports), Arnout Damen (Chief Executive Officer, Damen Shipyards Group), Joppe Neijens (Sales Manager Dredging, Damen Global Support).

On the second image from left to right:

First row:

Mike McCartain OBE (Group Director of Safety, Marine & Engineering, Associated British Ports), Arnout Damen (Chief Executive Officer, Damen Shipyards Group)

Back row:

Frank de Lange (Sales Director, North, West & South Europe, Damen Global Support), Mark Pearson (General Manager, UK Dredging), Jeroen van Woerkum (Commercial Manager, Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld), Koert van Houwelingen (Project Manager, Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld), Joppe Neijens (Sales Manager Dredging, Damen Global Support), Jos van Woerkum (Managing Director, Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld).

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