Damen Shipyards Cape Town (DSCT), has successfully delivered a new plough tug to the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA). The plough tug, named Mohoma, is a versatile, seagoing workboat designed for both harbour and coastal services.

Based on a standardised and successful Damen Design this vessel is well-suited to various maritime tasks, operating efficiently in shallow and deeper waters with unrestricted sailing capability. DSCT’s extensive experience in constructing ‘low maintenance’ vessels ensured that all installed high-quality components are optimally laid out for easy maintenance.

“We are honoured to deliver this state-of-the-art plough tug to TNPA. This vessel has 45 tonnes of bollard pull, is 32 metres long and 9 metres wide, and can plough up to 25m deep. With a spacious working deck, this versatile workboat will serve as an asset for TNPA’s ports and dredging operations. It showcases the Damen Group’s design knowledge, the skill of our South African Shipbuilding team and our first-class local equipment manufacturers and co-makers,” said Sefale Montsi, Director of Damen Shipyards Cape Town.

The addition of the plough tug to TNPA’s Dredging Services fleet marks a significant enhancement of its infrastructure. The vessel was officially handed over during a ceremony held in Durban on 17 May 2023. This acquisition is part of TNPA’s ongoing fleet upgrade program, aimed at expanding port capacity to accommodate larger vessels and meet growing demand.

Dr Popo Molefe, Chairperson of the Transnet Board of Directors, expressed his satisfaction at the handover ceremony. “The demand for dredging services has increased in the region, and the addition of this plough tug will increase the berth capacity of the ports. Managing the demand is part of TNPA’s growth plan, which will see the continuous improvement of port infrastructure.”

Christopher Huvers, DSCT Regional Sales Director for Africa, emphasised the importance of localisation in this project, stating, “This project has played an important role in creating skilled new jobs through the Cape Town training centre. Furthermore, the project has acted as a catalyst for the development and localisation of our supply chains. We are proud to claim that we delivered a vessel in Africa for Africa, with an overachievement of local content used”.

Huvers further highlighted the benefits of the Damen standard design.

“The Damen standard design allows for long-term low operational costs and high-level multipurpose performance, which includes dredging, towing, pushing and harbour maintenance, buoy-and-anchor handling”.

By actively contributing to the growth of the local South African Maritime Blue Oceans Economy, the company has solidified its position as a driving force in advancing South Africa’s maritime industry.

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