The Training & Consultancy division of KOTUG International (KOTUG), and the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI), the leading maritime education and maritime training provider in the United States of America, entered into a strategic partnership to offer exclusive training of (tug) Masters, ships’ crews, river barge shippers, and Pilots by certified KOTUG trainers at SCI training facilities across the United States. The partnership was officially kicked-off by hosting Moran Towing Corporation for a week of ASD operator training assisted by Riven Marine founder Captain Jay Rivera. 

Since 2019, SCI, Riben Marine, and Netherlands-based KOTUG have performed training for ship pilots and tug masters—-prior to conducting feasibility studies for new docks and waterway projects–along the Texas Gulf Coast.

For the week of May 16 to May 20, 2022 this partnership came together to conduct its first Basic Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) Tug Class for Moran Towing Corporation, among the largest tow and tug fleet operations in the United States.

The course was led by KOTUG Senior Trainer Captain Xavier Blejan, assisted by Riven Marine founder Captain Jay Rivera. SCI Staff served as facilitators and subject-matter experts. The course brought together some of the best training resources available -expert tug trainers, ship-handling experts, pilot-grade custom tug models, and state-of-the-art Kongsberg simulators- delivering high-impact and quality instruction for the Moran team of ASD operators.

Patrick Everts, General Manager of KOTUG Training & Consultancy: “We are extremely happy with this strategic partnership. Supporting SCI with their navigational training and preparing their students for expected and unexpected real-life situations with our proven training method in their state-of-the-art simulator-based facilities, is a win-win.”

Stephen Polk, Director of Center for Maritime Education, SCI : “This course establishes a new standard in maritime education. We are excited to offer comprehensive coursework together with KOTUG and RIBEN in Basic ASD training, Advanced ASD training, Harbor Assist/Towing, and Advanced Ship Assist and Escort Maneuvers for tug personnel in the USA using our best-in-class simulators at SCI’s facilities in Paducah, KY and Houston, TX.

KOTUG Training App for advanced safety

In addition, SCI will implement the KOTUG Training App, KOTUG’s latest feature to bring training to the next level by monitoring the knowledge and skill levels of all seamen. The app detects possible gaps in skills at an early stage and registers progress made as a result of training. It gives valuable insights to put together tailor-made individual training which is highly motivational and improves overall safety.KOTUG AND SEAMEN’S CHURCH INSTITUTE (USA) KICK-OFF THEIR STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP BY HOSTING MORAN TOWING CORPORATION FOR ASD TRAINING, ASSISTED BY RIBEN MARINE 

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