Offshore Marine Contractors BV (OMC), in close co-operation with operator Petrogas E&P and owners Maersk Drilling, towed and installed the high spec drilling rig Maersk Resolute successfully in the Dutch sector.

The rigmove of the jack up from the Danish port of Esbjerg started in the early morning of Monday April 26th under guidance of AHTS AH Varazze (221 tbp) and Multratug 18 (70 tbp). Manoeuvring assistance within Esbjerg was provided by the ASD tug Svitzer Sygin of Svitzer. After a 250 nm tow, the convoy arrived at the offshore P/9 Horizon platform on the 29th of April where the 69 tbp ASD tug En Avant 20 of Muller Dordrecht was standby to assist in manoeuvring the unit alongside the production platform.

After the anchor deployment the unit was installed at a close positioning tolerance a day later, where the 3-legged drilling unit prepares for the upcoming drilling operations.

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