Kiel, Sep 6 — vehicle carrier Honor (49814 gt, built 1996), came in contact with tug Svitzer Marken (385 gt, built 2005), while coming from Antwerp, upon entering the northern lock in Bremerhaven, on Sep 4.

One crew member of Svitzer Marken was severely injured and had to be taken to hospital.

The superstructure of the tug suffered significant damage as well as the starboard foreship.

Two tugs were deployed to assist the entry manoeuvre of Honorp. Svitzer Marken passed the ships but suddennly changed course and got under the bow of Honor.

The tug was berthed at the Lloyd Yard Bremerhaven on at 1120 hrs, Sep 5.

Honor suffered a small hole in the hull above the waterline. It safely berthed in the Kaiser Port two in Bremerhaven at 1530 hrs.

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