Adria (Rovigo), 12 December, press release


Company Chairman Duò: “The launch of this ship formalises our return to the harbour and offshore tugs market. The guarantee of quality and performance provided by Vittoria products is also recognised internationally and that makes us proud and confident of getting greater attention from the Italian market”

Vittoria Shipyard marks its return to the Italian and international harbour and offshore tugs market with the technical launch of theC869 ship, which was designed and constructed for the harbour authority in SkikdaAlgeria.

Over the past few days at its Adria facility, Vittoria Shipyard – which specialises in designing and building military, paramilitary and commercial vessels – has launched onto the Canal Bianco the vessel, designed for third-party towing and escort activities on the coast and in the harbours of the North African country. Taking part in the ceremony were Luigi Duò, President of Vittoria Shipyard, a representative from the Skikda Harbour Authority and the yard’s employees.

Final works, sea trials, and the delivery, which is scheduled for spring 2018, will follow the technical launch.

“The ability to innovate and keep high the quality of our products”, said Luigi Duò, president of Vittoria Shipyard “which is the product of R&D investment, has allowed us to return to the important tug market. With the launch of this vessel we want to earn a chance to become a reference manufacturer in this sector too”.

Over the years, Vittoria has specialised in building military and paramilitary vessels (especially patrol boats, interceptors, Search and Rescue [SAR] vessels and landing craft), work vessels (supporting harbour operations and offshore platforms) and passenger transport vessels. For the Adria-based yard, the C869, together with the vessel to be made for Russia, represents an historic consignment of ASD-type tugs (with azimuth thrusters).

“The Algerian commission recognized the capabilities of our company, which won the order by beating a very tough international competition, made of nine other yards from the international market, including the best-known producers of tugs.” said company president Duò “That makes us especially proud and confident that other sector operators, especially the Italian ones who often go to foreign firms, will feel they can look at Vittoria as a favourable potential option”.

Ordered by the Algerian Ministry of Transport in December 2016, for a total value of around 7 million euros, the newborn at Vittoria firm is designed to carry out towing and escort operations, both in harbour and coastal environments. The vessel has an overall length of 26 metresbeam of 10 metres and a draught of 3.80 metres for around 500 tonnes of full load displacement. The tug will have more than 30-tonns bollard pull capacity, will be able to work as an escort and is equipped with a pair of azimuth ASD thrusters driven by two medium speed diesel engines producing a total of over 3,300 horsepower. The unit has accommodation and services to house a seven-people crew and the construction is monitored and will be classified by the French Naval Register Bureau Veritas.

Vittoria Shipyard

The company, which was founded in Adria (Rovigo) in 1927 by the Duò family, designs and builds military, work, commercial and passengers transport vessels up to 100 metres. It works in accordance with the very high standards, according to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO 3834-2 (Automatic and Manual Welding). Since its foundation, Vittoria Shipyard has built more than 870 vessels any kind, and over the years has received various orders from the Italian Coastguard, Fire Brigades, Customs Police, and Navy. Overseas  the Company has won numerous international contacts from Malta, Cyprus, Libya, Croatia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Algeria, Russia and Romania, as well as designing and manufacturing various projects from the most important Italian firms working in oil & gas, transport and sea-works industries.


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