Rotterdam , 27-06-2017, Press release

TOS Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 25-year jubilee. We are TOS. A family business. Loyal and authentic. Founded in 1992 in Rotterdam. Today, twenty-five years later, a reliable maritime services provider. Connecting people from around the world, supporting and empowering them to find pleasure in their work. Kees Wagenaar: ‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees, our clients and all of you who took part in making our company such a success. TOS is looking ahead to a promising future.’

Marleen Stuurman: ‘Our clients of back then are our clients today. Many of the TOS employees that were with us at the start are still ‘on board’ as well … We have grown from a local employment agency for the shipping industry into an international service provider for the maritime, offshore and wind energy sector. I’m proud of our roots and even more proud of the TOS of today!’

Marlena Holdermans: ’Very happy to have been part of the TOS ‘family’ for more than 12 years now. It has been a pleasure to see the company develop and grow without losing her personal touch. Our goal is to continue to add value to our customers and our crew. I look forward to our future with positivity and confidence!’

Ivan Wagenaar: ‘Our company has evolved by solving problems for its clients. As the market changes, we stand strong by our values. Driven by quality. Honest, loyal, fair and flexible. Not only towards our clients, but to our own people as well. A pleasant working environment with respect for everyone. What else can you wish for the next 25 years?’

For further information
Marleen Stuurman, Executive Manager Operations
Margreet van Waardenberg, Communication Manager
Telephone +31 10 436 62 93

From the left: Marleen Stuurman (Executive Manager Operations), Kees Wagenaar (Managing Director), Marlena Holdermans (Executive Manager Finance, Quality & Law) and Ivan Wagenaar (Executive Manager Sales).

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