The 1927/28 built riveted motor tug GRADA has become a regular visitor at the marina in Huizen, right opposite our (new) offices. She is equipped with twin rudders and looks very well maintained. Originally equipped with a steam engine, this was replaced in the 1950’s with a STORK RICARDO main engine. With the following link you can go to a nice youtube video that we found on the internet, published by Jori van Loon, showing this engine in operation: Given the amount of tug lovers around, a lot more info can be found on the internet.

Being nearly 90 years old, the vessel definitely looks as she will make the centenary without a problem, she must have received a lot of tender love and care and give her owners a lot of joy, in what is shaping up as the prelude to a beautiful summer so far this year in The Netherlands. It would be a joy to do a delivery voyage with this vessel 111 years after the first shipdelivery of Redwise’s founders from The Netherlands to Argentine with the steam tug MOP 222 B, that time under sail and a far cry from the: ASD, VOITH , ROTOR, TRACTOR and conventional tugs delivered globally under own power in the present day and age.

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photo 1 & 2: M/tug Grada in the marina Huizen (The Netherlands).

photo 3: The 1st ship delivery of Redwise’s founders in 1911 of the steamtug “MOP 222B” from The Netherlands to Argentina.

photo 4: The crew of the steamtug “MOP 222”, in the middle captain J. Wijsmuller.

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