Quintet tug deliveries to the Americas

Redwise specialized in delivering vessels under own power, is delivering a quintet of harbor/terminal tugs to central America. Starting off with the CMM Jarocho and CMM Maguey, under Mexican flag with full Mexican crew, supported by Redwise’s own Dutch Master and Ch.Engineer, together with owners 2nd engineers. The RA3200CL stern drive tugs travelled the vast Pacific Ocean from Cheoy Lee Shipyard in Hong Kong, to their new home in Manzanillo. The Mexican flag and crew were a requirement of our principals Boluda, and by working together with all parties and the flexibility of our senior officers, a matching cost effective solution could be provided.

Following right on the heels of this joint delivery, is the mobilization voyage of the two ART 80-32 rotor tugs from Hong Kong to the Caribean on behalf of Kotug and Seabulk Towing. The RT Blackbeard and RT Raptor are both built by Cheoy Lee and crossing the Pacific under the Bahama registry, en route to their new homeport on a voyage of 11.400 nautical miles. The vessel will do well over a thousand running hours. This does seem a lot, but is in actual fact far less then 5% of the running hours a tug normally does in lifespan.

The fifth delivery is on behalf of Svitzer Caribbean with the Sanmar built tug Svitzer Chirripo, a Rastar 2800-E design equipped with MTU engines. The vessel is currently en-route from her builders in Turkey to the West Indies and manned by Redwise’s permanent employed senior officers, complemented by our Indonesian junior officers and ratings, just like to ART 80-32’s.

The large variety of tug types, propulsion arrangements and routing is nothing new to Redwise, operating since 1906. It goes almost without saying, that Redwise takes pride in being of service to its customers, in a niche market where seamanship and professional management are still highly valued, whereby neither trade nor skills have been commoditized. A complete turn key service in getting these powerful work horses, safely to their destination. Redwise employs in excess of 80 of their own key personnel permanently in senior positions, providing job security for our seafarers on the one side, and a reliable professional service to our customers on the other side, to ensure that each party can meet their commitments.

For further information, please visit our renewed website at www.redwise.com


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