Leading Mexican maritime operator, Grupo TMM, has signed a Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance with Damen Shipyards Group for a 70 tonne bollard pull ASD Tug 3212 named TMM COLIMA. The tug will operate in the Mexican port of Manzanillo on the Pacific Coast. Ongoing port modifications and changes in port authority requirements were the driving force behind the deal.

Founded in 1958, Grupo TMM has become one of the largest integrated logistics and transportation companies in Mexico. The group provides a dynamic combination of specialized maritime services, port and terminal management and integrated logistics services to an extensive Mexican and international client base.

The ASD Tug 3212 will join Grupo TMM’s first Damen Tug, purchased in the 1990s, and will become part of a fleet of 42 vessels. The tug will operate in and around the port of Manzanillo, where the organization is expanding its operations. In order to continue improving the good services already offered by Grupo TMM and to exceed the demand of their clients, the need for additional efficient vessels with the power to handle larger ships has been brought to the port. With 70 tonne of maximum static bollard pull and strong maneuverability features, the ASD Tug 3212 will bring enhanced capability to TMM’s fleet. The tug is expected to arrive in Manzanillo by the end of this year.

In addition to the performance and features of the ASD Tug 3212, another factor influencing the deal was Damen’s ability to guarantee a fast turnaround and punctual delivery. Luis Ocejo, Senior Managing Director, commented: “In addition to the ASD Tug 3212 being what we were looking for technically, we also returned to Damen due to our confidence in their systems and scheduling capabilities. The fact that this specific vessel is built in series, allows us to access a proven platform in record speed”.

Financed through Damen Customer Finance, the new vessel is currently on her way from Damen’s Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam to Mexico on her own keel.

Damen Shipyards acknowledges: “It is a pleasure to continue to serve Grupo TMM and we wish them all the best with their new vessel. We are confident it will complement their expansion and modernization plans and serve them well into the future.”

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