Over Novatug

Novatug thinks it is simply unacceptable that lives are still lost during towing operations in 2015. And ‘more of the same’ simply will not work. More powerful engines? More brute force? That won’t help. Well, maybe just a bit. Marginally. But on the whole, ‘bigger’ is definitely not ‘better’. Novatug has the solution, and can feel justly proud of the fact. It has been a while, let’s be honest about that. And that in itself makes it clear that we are not talking about something new. It’s not an innovation; it has been two decades in the making. Novatug uses the mass of the adversary to win. Not by continually nudging it with an inert mass, but by taking control through fast and adept maneuvers.

The carrousel construction makes it possible to execute unique maneuvers. Maneuvers which are not part of the age-old tricks of the conventional tugboat trade. Different. Safer. The maneuvers that the carrousel allows, combined with the hull and Voith propulsion, mean that the captain benefits from a greatly enhanced freedom of movement. He literally has more room to maneuver safely. It’s not an innovation, it’s been there for ages. We have only ever tried to equal and oppose the forces of nature by using increasingly powerful engines. But adding ten per cent of extra engine power definitely does not automatically imply an increased result of ten per cent. Far from it.