Over Bugsier

Bugsier Reederei today is part of the classic picture of most German seaports. Foremost in Hamburg and Bremerhaven the typical port-panorama includes Bugsier tugs and sheerlegs adding to the cities outstanding maritime atmosphere. Operating the largest tug fleet flying the German flag we have performed a vast number of towing jobs along the Northern European coast. In addition we provide services with salvage crafts and sheerlegs. With a fleet of efficient and powerful tugs we are serving the offshore oil & gas industry for decades as well as the flourishing offshore wind energy market. Our company has internationally earned an excellent reputation with executed projects on a worldwide scale. We are proud of being fully certified according to the strict guidelines of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Achilles and Connexio; we are offering our customers the highest standard.

Bugsier’s Innovative Technique

Ever since 1866 Bugsier has repeatedly shown innovative techniques, seamanship and proven expertise in vessel operation. The Company has been internationally renowned for having successfully cleared the Suez Canal twice, with our lifting vessels “Energie” and “Ausdauer”. We have also developed the legendary ocean going tug boats "Arctic" and "Oceanic".

But Bugsier does not rest on its laurels, having commissioned the worldwide state of the art emergency towing vessel the “Nordic” in December 2010. The “Nordic” is chartered to the German government till 2021 and since January 2011 is the backbone of the Maritime Safety Concept for the German Bight.

Bugsier’s Professional Training

Finding qualified personnel for a towing company cannot be taken for granted. Working routines on tugs differ significantly from those on merchant vessels. Towing operations ask for a combination of expertise and experience. Therefore all our vessels are crewed with our in-house trained and educated personnel.

The company’s training department and quality of such is second to none in Germany, thus safeguarding Bugsier’s high standards and professional quality for the long term.