Over Redwise

At Redwise Maritime Services BV, we are specialists in Ship Delivery, or the transportation of vessels on their own keel, under their own power. Ship delivery is a unique profession in the shipping business, in which Redwise has been a pioneer for more than 100 years.

From small crewboats and tugs to large bulk carriers and FPSO’s, from classic steamers to ultra-modern high speed vessels, Redwise is capable of taking almost every type of vessel to sea and ensure safe and speedy delivery to any harbour in the world. Ship delivery requires an interesting mix of seamanship and creativity. It is that mix, that has enabled to build an impressive track record with several dozens of ship deliveries every year.

In addition to ship delivery, Redwise also provides professional Crew Management and Maritime Recruitment services to the marine and offshore industries. From our diverse experience with ship delivery, we have proven to be able to accurately respond to crewing and crew management demand from ship operators in several different sectors.