Former Jack Up Lynda Bossler installed at UKCS Leman Field


After serving the North Sea oil and gas industry for a period of 40 years, the 3-legged and 1982 built jack up lastely known as Paragon C-461 has been installed as compressor platform on Perenco UK’s UKCS Leman field.

Offshore Marine Contractors (OMC) takes pride in having assisted Perenco Services and Perenco UK to install the unit at the Leman field in a complex operation.

The Perenco project is known as the SHARP project (Southern Hub Area Redevelopment Project) which combines an existing platform producing from the Leman and Inde fields in the Southern North Sea into one production hub.

To allow this, the former C-461, Noble Lynda Bossler and earlier known as Neddrill-9 and Dyvi Sygma has been converted into a compression platform 27BC and has been connected via a bridge to the existing Leman 27BT platform.

OMC assisted in moving the former driller presently known as Leman 27BC from Vlissingen and installing the rig within close tolerance in the Leman Field to allow interfacing with the Leman BT platform. Services OMC provided consisted of the tugspread, Towmaster / Rigmover and crew, positioning survey, rigmove procedures, anchor gear and a full inventory of the rig to perform the operation safe and efficient.

After completing the commissioning at Vlissingen, the unit was towed out to the roads with assistance of Bukser og Berging’s 201 TBP AHTS BB Octopus with assistance of Multraship Towage on the 7th of July. Multraship’s 75 tbp Voith Schneider driven Multratug 4 and the 95 ts ASD tug Multratug 3 completed the convoy during the seapassage and assisted in anchor deployment and positioning the Leman 27BC within tolerance.

Within 48 hrs of passing the Vlissingen breakwaters, the Leman 27BC had passed the Northsea, deployed anchors and moved alongside within agreed tolerance.

Photo coverage of the complex rigmove has been provided by the crews of both BB Octopus as Multratug 4.

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