Damen signs with Groote Eylandt Mining Company for ASD Tug 2312

Damen Shipyards Group has signed a contract with Australia-based South32 GEMCO to supply an ASD Tug 2312 – the first such vessel to operate in the country.

Due to Damen’s series production of vessels for stock, the tug had already been built at Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam. As a result, Damen will deliver the vessel to the Port of Darwin, Australia by October of this year.

South32 GEMCO will operate the new vessel as an escort tug in support of its manganese mining operation on Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory, approximately 650km south-east of Darwin. GEMCO is majority owned and operated by South32, a globally diversified mining and metals company.

Though a standard Damen design, the ASD Tug 2312 is being fitted out with a number of options to meet South32 GEMCO’s specifications. This includes installation of a push bow, CCTV, a crane and a second towing line and anchor.

The ASD Tug 2312 is one of Damen’s Next Generation Tugs. It builds on the success of the ASD Tug 2310 to deliver a vessel with even more safety and efficiency than its renowned predecessor. This capable escort tug offers 70 tonnes bollard pull and, with its twin fin skeg and dual azimuth thrusters, optimal manoeuvrability.

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Damen Shipyards Group has been in operation for over ninety years and offers maritime solutions worldwide, through design, construction, conversion and repair of ships and ship components. By integrating systems we create innovative, high quality platforms, which provide our customers with maximum added value.

Our core values are fellowship, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and stewardship. Our goal is to become the world’s most sustainable shipbuilder, via digitalisation, standardisation and serial construction of our vessels. 

Damen operates 35 shipyards and 20 other companies in 20 countries, supported by a worldwide sales and service network. Damen Shipyards Group offers direct employment to more than 12,000 people. 

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