BONDEN is built in 1975 as Heimdal and received the name BONDEN in 1990. She is of the “Conventional” type. One Pielstick 6PC2-5L-400 6cil. diesel engine with a total of 3900 bhp drives the Controllable Pitch Propeller and give the tug a bollard pull of 38 tons. She has a length of 32,85m with a beam of 10,08m.

BOSS is built in 1995 for Bukser og Berging and transferred to Röda Bolaget around 1997 and transferred to Svitzer when the company was taken over in 1999. She is of the “Fin first Voith Tractor” type. Two Ulstein Bergen KRMB 9 diesel engine with a total of 4014 kW drives the Voith Propellers and give the tug a bollard pull of 52 tons. She has a length of 36,24m with a beam of 12,22m, maximum speed is 15,0kts.

SVITZER GEO was the second ECO tug ordered by Svitzer and delivered in 2013. She is built as the S65/32(ECO) class of designs. Propulsion is diesel-electric with three Wartsila 8L20 diesel engines driving a generator.
E-motors on the azimuth truster have a rate total output of 4800kW. The tug have a bollard pull of 65 tons. She has a length of 30,80m with a beam of 11,00m, maximum speed is 12,5kts.

SVITZER HYMER is built in 2009 and is of the “Fin first Voith Tractor” type. Two General Electric 16V228 diesel engine with a total of 7180 bhp drives the Voith Propellers and give the tug a bollard pull of 72,8 tons. She has a length of 35,04m with a beam of 12,50m, maximum speed is 14,0kts.

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  1. Johnny Nilsson schreef:

    Dear sirs,
    Thanks for an interesting ite with all tugs and happenings!

    Just want to comment that tugboat “Boss” has a bollard pull of 57tons and an indirect of 106tons in escort mode. I have been onboard this tug many times during the years since she was new in 1995. She is a fantastic tug right through in sea, to tow with, in escort and the living conditions inside is the best possible standard.

    Tugboat “Bonden” was built in 1975 and given the name “Bonden” after a very small island in the Bohus arcipelago. Her older sisters “Bohus” and “Dynan” has name connected to water but the name “Bonden” does not suit a ship!!! It was not a popular decision to take this name! I have heard this story from the chief engineer who was on the ASI-verken shipyard when she was built.
    “Bonden” was sold to the Stockholm harbour and renamed “Heimdal”. When she was sold back to Roda Bolaget in the early 90’s she got her original name back “Bonden”. She has the sama Pielstick 6-cyl engine as her sisters but a different turbine, that give her a better “kick” and reach easily 39tons bp and 42tons 110% as new.
    Two years ago she was out for an accident in the Malmo harbour, south of Sweden. A car carrier run into her aftdeck and damaged the propeller, rudder and gave some heavy dents to the hull. Even if she is an old lady, she has been kept in an exellent shape all over. She is also a very good icebreaker. therefore Svitzer decided to give her a chance and repaired her to shape as new. The raisable fire monitors in the main mast was then removed.

    Best and kind regards
    Johnny Nilsson
    Klubb Maritim and Sjofartsforeningen in Malmö, Sweden.

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